UX Project Case Study

As a UX Designer, my key focus is on creating experiences that make sense to the user. Imagine they start on the homepage, or click on an ad that takes them to another page within the site. The focus is always on how to get them from point A, to point B as effortlessly as possible.
This is an in-depth case study I put together for CompareInternet.com. In this example, I started by doing a competitive and UX design analysis of four different websites. I analyzed multiple aspects of all of the websites. I then created wire-frames of each page, taking into consideration that the user can start on any page. I established a hierarchy and clear call-to-actions. I then mocked up what the functional website would look like. While focusing on the API call-backs, I made sure to develop a site that would allow for anyone in the 42,000 U.S. zip codes to get the same level of quality and ease in their journey to ultimately find the best Internet and Cable provider to fit their needs.
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5/3 Bank – UX Design for new Data Exchange platform on ServiceNow

I designed the new Data Exchange platform, which launched in March of 2023. This ServiceNow platform allows users to search for data products, check the lineage of the data, register new data products, control sensitive data and reporting.

I designed a completely new user experience for Switchboard. Switchboard is a ServiceNow platform that gives teams the ability to access cloud services, with the tools necessary to capture data via the self-service platform. I also facilitated multiple stakeholder meetings and user-feedback sessions throughout the process.

I also facilitated stakeholder meetings, team scrum meetings and user-feedback sessions throughout the design processes for other small projects.

Homepage – Wireframe & Mockup
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Product Card Page – Wireframe & Mockup
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Developer Page – Wireframe & Mockup
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The UX “Spark”

In 2016, I was working for Shoes For Crews. We had launched our first fully-responsive e-commerce website. What we didn’t launch, however, was a responsive checkout. About 8 months after the launch of the new site, discussion of an updated checkout came to my team. The initial thought was to have a UX company do it for us. After a few quotes, we realized the cost was extremely high. So, I asked if I could take a stab at it. I got the go-ahead.

I started by researching our industry competitors to see how their flow was. I then started researching large name brands, and that’s where it made sense to me. After discussing my findings and getting the thumbs up, I started the wire-frames. My goal was to take our 8-step flow and shrink it down to a 4-step flow using a pseudo accordion look. Our back-end wouldn’t handle a one-page checkout at the time, but I could make it look like you never left the page you were on.

After several meetings with the e-commerce, marketing and dev team, we were at a point where we were ready to go live! We started with internal UAT, and then A|B testing to a small percentage, so we could finesse it before a 100% push. We discovered that it increased conversion by almost 30%. That was a huge win, and that was the “Spark” for the beginning of my UX career.”

For verification, please contact Jesse Price (Director of E-Commerce at Shoes For Crews)

UX Design Abilities


  • UX Design
  • UX Research
  • UI Design
  • Wireframing
  • Storyboarding

  • Sketch
  • Figma
  • Adobe XD
  • UXPin
  • Invision
Latest UX Projects

  • WAWA Employee Service Portal – Next Gen Portal in ServiceNow)
  • 5/3 Bank – Data Exchange Platform (data search solution in ServiceNow)
  • 5/3 Bank – Switchboard Platform (data implementation solution via Bootstrap and Core-JS)
  • Capgemini – Employee portal for CSL Plasma (in ServiceNow)
  • FPL – eWeb Search
  • FPL – Enterprise Data Platform (EDP Website in ServiceNow)
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Web Design Project Examples

Shoes For Crews

HireBrandon.com - Brandon Youngblood - Front-End Web Developer and UX Designer

One of my main roles was the design and maintenance of the website. We generated approximately $150Mil/year through the e-commerce site. The first large project I worked on was updating the company website to a responsive website versus one that required a desktop and mobile version.

A key focus area of mine was constant A/B testing via Monetate. We would also evaluate how users were interacting with the site via HotJar. Once we had a plan set in place, I would create experiences via Monetate to test the statistical significance and eventually hard-code well performing updates.

This is also where my UX journey began, with the design of a successful checkout process.

Bambu Glasses

HireBrandon.com - Brandon Youngblood - Front-End Web Developer and UX Designer

Having worked in Marketing for 15 years at the time, I decided to create my own company. I believed it was time to invest in myself and see how effective I was at creating a profitable company. Within the first year, I began making profit through online sales and marketing channels. From design and sourcing, to fulfillment, I take care of it all.

Web Design Experience

As a front-end web designer, my job is to understand the user experience and effectively implement the code. Whether I develop a website in Bootstrap, WordPress, or raw HTML and CSS, my goal is to always code in a clean and concise way that would be logical and easy to understand for anyone who will be making future updates and edits to the site.

I am comfortable designing locally and submitting to Git repositories for review. I also understand the importance of user testing and croww-browser testing.

Web Design Abilities

Web Related

  • Responsive Web Design
  • ServiceNow Web Design
  • Responsive Email Design

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Working knowledge of JavaScript (React JS)
  • Google Ad Words & Analytics
  • Bootstrap
  • WordPress

  • Email Automation
  • Video Production
  • Audio and Video Editing
  • Product Photography
  • SaaS
  • Salesforce
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