By: Litchfield International Apr 8, 2015 - Volume 1  
Hangerlok Update
Electrical Agents
We know your frustration!
Many of you have found this a daunting challenge of getting stock positions at distributors. Litchfield is going to make this easier by a new intro program and prepaid freight of $500.00 distributor net. This will last at least until the end of the year. Litchfield has been combining branch orders to make freight allowed for the last few months.

Larger mounting
hole design.

These are available from stock via Litchfield and in bulk from Metallics of CT.
LOK Screws
When Litchfield sold the European line, contractors wanted a larger mounting hole. We could not offer it. The new Hangerlok line had this improvement designed into several sizes. We found resistance. To satisfy the market, Litchfield developed 2 custom screws to cover the mounting hole.
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  Our Customers  
  Our customers have been absolutely satisfied with the new Hangerlok like. It's both UV protected, and plenum rated UL 2239.  
Kit mailing to contractors
Litchfield has begun a program of mailing its new RF, DAS, Low Voltage kits to contractors and targeted engineers. These kits contain parts and accessories that are not offered by Arlington. Proof is in hand with attractive orders being received on a regular basis.

Hangerlok sizes 2/5 -4 inch diameters. Litchfield has significantly reduced pricing on these three units. The revised pricing is reflected in the new price sheet to be sent next week to you. The shipment will contain the new product guide and sample screws and Hangerlok units.

Hangerlok Intro Program
One time freight allowed order of $300.00 and choice of sizes. Free distributor kits and 1 counter display per store.

Program coming April 2015

Litchfield has recently been approved as a vendor to this national telecommunications and data com distributor. Please see your branches. Hangerlok continues to find its growing niche in this market.

Hangerlok is doing business with: Rexel, Graybar, Accu-Tech, Crescent, Border States, Viking Electric, ED Supply.
Litchfield has approvals with other regional and national chains and is ever changing with new content and product drawings. Read the press gallery for updates at

BIM Modeling
This cross platform modeling is now what engineers and large contractors want most to ease the specification and change order processes. LI has retained a firm in Argentina to develop this. Look for this in June of 2015.

LI is exploring an ecco friendly paper based packaging strategy to get more product into a shipping master. New packaging will reduce freight costs to both distributors and Litchfield. All of this keeps your commissions high while reducing manufacturing and shipping costs to the customer.

Customer Service
The team of three are lead by Shelly Whollman who continues to receive acclaims by inquirers and current and future customers. Litchfield is committed to have customer care agents who do “care”.

Litchfield International was started in 1984. It remains a family controlled CT corporation. There are no plans to sell the business. You can spend time on Hangerlok knowing that the company will not become part of another.
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